Indemnity Statement

On each Jetport Park ticket/reciept there is a Non-Liability Clause explicitly specified and issued for all Jetport Park customers. It is important that Jetport Park customers are aware of such a clause and it is further encouraged that this page be printed out for reference. Jetport Park customers may use recieve a digitally produced ticket (figure a) Those Tickets/Reciepts act as the sole legal instrument effectively validating the full payment proof of the Jetport Park customers and verifying the solid legal evidence of the indemnification of Jetport Park against all the damages or losses of the car parked under Self Park status in Jetport Park, notwithstanding any other security profile statements of Jetport Park service descriptions written. Jetport Park will retain all the copies of the Tickets/Receipts for 3 years at minimun for the customer's needs and convienience.